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8 Reasons to Hire a Mobile Bar for Your Event


Photography: Nika Helgeson Photography

There are so many reasons why hiring a mobile bar or Prosecco cart for your next event is a great idea. We've rounded up our top eight reasons:


A mobile bar allows you greater flexibility to choose the right venue for you . You are not restricted to venues/rooms with a fixed bar and can choose your ideal bar placement. For spring and summer events, it gives you the option of serving drinks on a terrace, outside lawn or in the foyer of a venue too.

Extension of your theme

A mobile bar allows you to extend on that theme throughout the entire venue. You can style the bar itself and even request that the bar staff wear a particular colour/dress code. This also provides for ample photo opportunities to capture memories of your big day.


Incorporating your own unique stamp into an event is key to making your day memorable for you and your guests. A mobile bar is the perfect way to add that memorable touch.

Entertainment and Photo Opportunities

In addition to the visual element that it brings, a mobile bar can also double up as entertainment for your guests. You could incorporate flair bartenders or implement interactive elements, gin bars and more. Mobile bars are also a great focal point for you and your guests to take photos. There are so many possibilities, all you need to do is decide!

Elegant and Affordable

Hiring a mobile bar is a surefire way to grab your guest’s attention and bring a new style factor to the event. Everyone wants to treat his or her guests to first class service that will be memorable. Mobile bars look expensive and compliment any type of décor perfectly, yet are very affordable in price.

Social Opportunities

A mobile bar is set up at an event can create an opportunity to increase socialization. The bar becomes the life of the party and where everyone gathers around for their drinks. This creates more conversation and guest interaction, leading to a more meaningful and enjoyable experience

Cater to the masses

From soft drinks to champagne, mobile bar services usually offer a selection of drinks for you to choose from for your wedding guests. These can include beer, wine, bubble, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

And we think the final and most important reason to hire a mobile bar is it SAVES YOU STRESS!

Hiring professionals to take care of all of your bar needs will save you so much time, planning and stress. When you imagine how you’re going to transport all your drinks, where you’re going to buy them from, stock them and the quantities you need – the thought alone is enough to stress you out. It’s also requires a lot of time, so if this is something you don’t have, let the professionals take charge and avoid the headache altogether.


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